Video Animation Deal – LIMITED TIME OFFER

Businesses who are using video technology as a part of their marketing are increasing business Tremendously!

But this ONE small change to video marketing can INCREASE your business over 66%!

My name is Christopher Thomas, a business marketing and growth consultant. Our team is responsible for creating superlative, through the roof and highly successful marketing strategies for our clients.

Benefits of using eye popping, attention grabbing and dynamic video animations can

  • Attract  more business
  • Boost Conversion
  • Encourage more social shares
  • Build More Trust & Credibility
  • Build Popularity
  • Search Engines LOVE Video

To help you increase your business, Our team has partnered with a Los Angeles based animation studio who is responsible for creating some of the HOTTEST Animation blockbusters distributed by DreamWorks, PIXAR and 20th Century Fox.

Here are a few samples to see:

What kind of business can benefit from our creative team developing a HIGHLY successful video animation work for?

Great Question!

ANY business who uses the internet or social media.

  • Realtor who has an open house
  • Before and After images by cleaning services, hair stylist, barbers, lawn services, fitness trainers, make-up artist
  • Restaurants with daily specials or new items on the menu
  • Insurance agents who want to stand out
  • Auto Dealers with New stock
  • Non-Profit or Religious Groups
  • Fashion Boutiques
  • Child Care Centers
  • Medical Practices
  • Photographers
  • Concert/Event Promoters

… well you get the point!

For ONLY a limited time, we are almost giving away a customized animated video for your business.

Because of the craziness of this deal…I promise you, we will be taking this deal down VERY soon. 

We have three (3) different packages for you to select from:

Good Deal (This package is good for those who just want to check things out…TRUST us, you will LOVE how we make your business rock!)

BEST Deal (Our MOST Popular Package)

ULTIMATE Deal (This is the “We MUST be Crazy” Package. Those who are serious about video marketing love this one.

Select the package you want for your business, and the page will take you to the next step.

Good Deal

Let Me Test This Out Deal!
GOOD Value
  • $500 Value
  • Up to :15 sec animated video
  • Two (2) Animated Videos

Our Most Popular Deal

Most Popular Deal!
BEST Value
  • $1,000 Value
  • Up to :15 sec animated video
  • Four (4) Animated Videos
  • BONUS: With or Without Sound (Your Choice)

We Must Be CRAZY Deal

We Must Be CRAZY!
  • $2,000 Value
  • Up to :15 sec animated video
  • Eight (8) Animated Videos
  • BONUS: With or Without Sound (Your Choice)
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