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I pray and hope that this email finds you and your family doing well!

Thank you for taking the moment to visit my new website and accept the offer of the FREE “21 Point CAMP” + the $1.5 Million Business Grant.

You taking the 1st step in registering, is a great sign that you are serious about the advancement and thriving of yourself and business!

Never will there be a more important time to tap into your power, especially if you expect to keep growing and going during times of uncertainty.

What We MUST Do Immediately, is get the right mindset and prepare ourselves for the road ahead.

By doing the work, research and development that is suggested in the “21 Point CAMP” can take you and your business up to 20+ years of success.

Some have ask that I work with them side-by-side … one-on-one with “21 Point CAMP” … If you would like the same, just email or message me and I will be happy to work with you.

Regarding the $1.5 Million Business Grant: inCity Magazine and myself have partnered to give each of you $250 in advertising! It will consist of you being FEATURED on inCity-Mag.com!

We have more great content tools coming your way! Stay tuned!

I am here with you!

P.S. Don’t be selfish and keep this opportunity all to yourself … Please tell other business owners across the country how to sign up for this, and do like you did visiting itsCThomas.com.

COVID-19 Advance Innovation 21 Point Marketing Plan

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