Business Owners Here’s The Real Secret To Giving Your Business An UNFAIR Advantage!

If You Think That Giving Your Business An “UNFAIR Advantage” Is Not Ethical …


This Program Is NOT FOR YOU!

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The Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program (M & AGP), is a Small Business Program that, if used properly, will put your company on the indisputable track of success within 6 months attracting NEW Customers everyday.

During the duration of the M & AGP, your company will work directly with a Marketing & Business Growth Consultant.


Your business will be in a better position to identify and maximize opportunities for your business:

      • Generate more qualified leads
      • Stronger brand recognition
      • Land meetings with decision makers
      • Stronger negotiating capabilities
      • More repeat customers/clients
      • Scale their business up to 10X
      • Increase your cash flow each month

How does M & AGP deliver what says it will?

First, you and your consultant will discuss every component of your business from legal structure, mission, history, the story of the business, logo design, website design, the product or service offered, staff, partners/vendors, marketing channels, sales distribution channels, SWOT Analysis, e-commerce, what has worked in the past and what has not.

Next, a very clear action plan will be created by the consultant. This action plan will layout out what will be created and how the execution of the plan will be carried out during the 6 month time period: all working to get your business to maximum and consistently achieve more positive cash flow.

Third, create or revamp any marketing tools (i.e. website, logo, collateral material, social media, videos, graphics, the storyline and etc) and address any content that is found on the internet regarding the company.

Fourth, create a “BEST Use Master Plan” of marketing materials, testimonials, video content, influencer referrals and partnerships. (FACT) We have found that 9 out of 10 companies are not MAXIMIZING resources that are already in place.

Fifth, Research & Development a.k.a. R & D: This will help us improve existing products/service and identify new ones.

Now the Sixth SENSE will kick in … Because you will learn how to GROW your business differently; what we will have created and implemented (in ONLY 6 Months) will be a HIGHLY effective Marketing System for your company; your business will never get stuck again!

New Program Participant: “So that’s the way you all grew their business and increased PROFITABILITY in only 6 months?!”

Our response:Lol 😂 … somewhat, but we still had to use our secret sauce!”

Benefits in Participating in M & AGP

Grow and Maximize ...
... your business to MORE Cash Flow, MORE Return Customers/Clients and MORE Brand Recognition with in ONLY 6 Months!
Solve Tough Issues ...
... that has/will affect your marketing/business initiatives. As Marketing Consultants and Experience Business Growth Professionals, our team will collectively use our problem solving ability, expertise, and capabilities to create change and drive continual increase for your business. Your business will avoid potential setbacks by working with your consultant during the length of the “Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program.”
... Anxiety or Stress About Decreasing Business or Sells.
Shift Your Productivity!
Spend More Time With The Family, Be Happier About Shifting Your Productivity To Keep Up With All The Increased Number Of Clients.
Attract NEW Business!
STOP Giving Discounts, Having Sales or Coupons To Drive In NEW Business.
You Won't Find These Strategies By Searching The Internet!
Learn the Marketing & Business Growth strategies that Most Marketing Consultants WILL NOT teach you.

Here Is What Everyone Is Saying About Christopher Thomas & His Marketing Methods…

You are not ready to create a profitable business yet?

It’s OKAY, you just made space for another participant who is READY Now.

M & AGP won’t work for your company, if you are NOT Ready to put in the work!

The M & AGP has made some business owners slightly EMOTIONAL because of the pivoting shift of progression.

Your results from using M & AGP will not increase all the time, but what we ARE saying is that you WILL experience CONSISTENT growth.

FYI: the M & AGP has NEVER been available for small business owners with an annual income of less than $499,999.

Check this out, the Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program is normally only available to medium – large size companies.

If we publicly made this available, it would be for a MINIMUM of $5,794 a month.

We know all about being an entrepreneur PLUS running a small business, but because we have listened and heard about all the set-backs, stress and DON’T FORGET the lack of affordable and effective marketing programs for small businesses, as well as the fact, we are convinced that this Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program will change your business forever … 

Get Enrolled In This Program TODAY For Only $1,482.

To insure that you gain an even LARGER and Measurable “Return on YOUR Investment”, we set this investment up in only 6 payments. 

Six monthly and affordable payments of $247.

TODAY you can try the M & AGP Five Days for $00.00you heard right.

You can get your business on the track of PROFITABILITY with a marketing program that will INCREASE your business, INCREASE more return clients/customers and MAXIMIZE your opportunities … for just $ZERO today.

We want you to see for yourself how working with your consultant closely in the Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program will increase your business, put what you learn to the test and experience the program with confidence.

Experience with confidence the Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program FIRST for $00.00; then and ONLY then will you make your first affordable investment of just $247 AFTER trying it for five days.

The Savings & Guarantee

At a 95% SAVINGS each month; for just the price of a pair of Air Pods Pro … secure the profitability and growth of your business with the Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program.

Your 100% Satisfaction is the goal!

You Try It Before You Invest In It!

We are EXTREMELY confident that the Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program will PROGRESSIVELY change you and create MAXIMUM opportunities for your business, or simply cancel the program within 90 days. However, you still keep the “21 Point CAMP” BONUS Workbook.

That’s right … there are some bonuses!

The Bonuses

BONUS 1: A CUSTOMIZED “21 Point CAMP” Workbook. “COVID-19 Advance Innovative 21 Point Marketing Plan” was customized for businesses suffering due to coronavirus, BUT it was created to pivot any business through a pandemic or crisis (Valued at $2,499).

Here’s what business owners are saying about the “21 Point CAMP” Workbook:

J. Abelard (Business Owner from Germany with 162 Employees) states: “The results from the 21 Point CAMP was SOOO IMPRESSIVE, that I would have paid $10,000 for it!”

L. Velazquez (Business Owner from Spain with 200+ Employees) states: “The 21 Point CAMP is Masterfully and Epically created!”

T. McBeth (Business Owner from Denver, CO with 413 Employees) states: “I recommend the 21 Point CAMP to all business owners because of one reason … PROFIT EVOKING!”

BONUS 2: Included in the Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program is also an Animation Video (Valued at $350).

Businesses who are using video technology as a part of their marketing are increasing business Tremendously! This ONE small change of adding animation to your video marketing can INCREASE your business over 66%.

Benefits of using eye popping, attention grabbing and dynamic video animations are:

        • Attract  More Business
        • Boost Conversion
        • Encourage More Social Shares
        • Build More Trust & Credibility
        • Build Popularity
        • Search Engines LOVE Video

Another Bonus … YEAP!

We Are Feeling Good!

Bonus 3: Featured Article in inCity Magazine – The featured article will have what are called backlinks which are especially valuable for business website’s SEO because they represent a “vote of confidence” from one site to another. In essence, backlinks to your website are a signal to search engines that others vouch for your content ($450 Value).

Yes! You Get 3 Bonuses … Here’s Why!

Bonus 1, 2 and 3 have been added to the Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program because we know all about being an entrepreneur, PLUS running a small business that has to compete with large companies, with large marketing budgets. So you are able to compete with larger corporations.

Can your business take much more of these dead end promises to save small businesses?
Would your business survive a collapse?
If You Answered NO!
You Are Ready To Get Started On The Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program RIGHT NOW!

Here’s What Can Happen Without Using the Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program…

Without using the Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program your business may collapse and sustain loss of sales for several months because your customers are spending their money some where else.

Claim your spot NOW as a participant in the Marketing & Accelerated Growth Program by simply clicking on the button below.

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