Q&A Regarding Mental Health, Most Are Too Afraid To Ask

August 17, 2020by itscthomas0

Christopher Thomas & Dr. Maranda Griffin (PHD, LPC, LMHC, BC-TMH) discuss the tough questions regarding Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety and MORE.

This video is a “POWER PROFIT” discussion about Mental Health as it relates to: Business Owners & Everyday People … especially those during a time that everyone is affected by COVID-19 Pandemic.

Some of the Topics that are discussed include:

📮Low-Grade Depression: How to understand it, and how can people combat it?

📮How do you predict the impact of ‘Social Isolation’ will affect us and what can we do now to lighten the blow”

📮“Imposter Syndrome”… What is it and what steps can we take to avoid/stop it?

📮What the professionals do to combat depression & anxiety?

📮Federal government and Yale are holding clinical trials to how best persuade Americans into taking the COVID-19 vaccine, once it becomes available…thoughts on this topic

📮MUCH More!


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