Listen Closely: Here Is What A Navy Veteran Asked Me

December 8, 2020by itscthomas0

Many of you who follow me on social media are aware that exercising is a part of my daily routine. Wherever I am, you can rest assured that I will have my sneakers and workout apparel with me.

During the pandemic, I have selected to continue exercising outdoors wherever I am. 

Recently, while doing my warm ups and stretching, a neighbor of mine who walks a couple days a week who is also a retired navy veteran stopped and asked, “I see you working out all the time, you are doing a great job! Are you training for something?”

My immediate reply to her was, “Yes ma’am, exercising helps with my mental fitness” … then we both laughed it off.

But while exercising, I started to peel back the layers on that statement … “Are You Training For Something?”

Even with nothing on the horizon, training will get you out of bed each day, week after week, month after month. 

A while back, we started an organization that created a line of positive catch phrases for t-shirts. One of them was “Stay Ready”.

When we “Stay Ready” we don’t have to get ready. 

Staying Ready takes training.

We train to ensure that our TOP performance comes naturally.

My new answer for the question, “What are you training for?” … I’m training for everyday TOP readiness and for the challenges that come with it.

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