Insider Secret For Business Owners: Before You Change Lanes, Check Your Blind Spots

October 13, 2020by itscthomas0

Insider Secret For Business Owners: Before You Change Lanes, Check Your Blind Spots

Don’t even think of doing anything with your business until you have seen this video.

You’ve built a successful business – what’s next? 

OR how about

You have taken action and started a business – BUT it’s not going the way you wanted.

My name is Christopher Thomas and our team is responsible for creating and executing VERY fruitful, First Class Marketing and Business Growth Strategies for our clients. 

Based on my experience, what we are noticing is that many business owners are not checking the blind spots in their businesses period.

One very important thing that we have learned from those that are thriving through this pandemic, is to leave NOTHING to chance. We MUST be intentional!

Please take heed to that, before you change lanes, IT is a MUST that you check your blind spots.

How does driving have anything to do with growing a business?

Let’s use our imagination for a moment.

Imagine driving in bumper to bumper traffic … you look into your rear view mirror and see a motorcyclist, dotting in and out of traffic … seconds later, the motorcyclist passes you, breaking all types of rules, not even in a lane, but riding on the lane marking. 

Anyone who has had that experience, knows that this can be pretty scary and puts lives in danger.

Now everyone who is at least an OK driver, should know this, BUT an authentic source called the Driving-Tests.org states, “It is never safe to weave in and out of traffic by continuously changing lanes. It is highly probable that weaving in and out of traffic will result in a citation and/or an accident.”

As a business owner, how do you “change lanes safely”. In the field of business, changing lanes is: perhaps some kind of expansion, bringing on new products or services, bringing on business partners, selling your business or even dissolving it.

Here are some highly important recommendations to keep in mind:

  1. Research & Development (R&D): Many of you hear me talking about R&D very often; but this can mean the life of your business. Yes, R&D can cost you time or cash; but it is better to spend $10 now, than $100 later.
  2. Testing: check the lane you are planning to transition into, how is the industry, environment, competition, are you in the right geographical area.
  3. Keep Repeating 1 and 2 (checking your surroundings) until the transition is completed. Because the worst thing to happen is losing the momentum you had prior to changing lanes.

As business owners, we can be so focused on what’s in front of us and disregard peripheral vision.

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Thank you for your attention, please live healthy, well and prosper fairly.

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