95% Of Your Competitors Are Napping

August 14, 2020by itscthomas0

95% Of Your Competitors Are Napping, Here’s The Secret To Jumping Ahead Without Waking Them Up

In this video, you will learn how to Increase your cash flow each month, Generate more qualified leads, Gain Stronger brand recognition, Land meetings with decision makers, Stronger negotiating capabilities, More repeat customers/clients and Scale your business up to 10X!

Please make note that any marketing and business growth advice that I give by video, is made VERY General for ANY Business or Industry. Some Situations may require a more customized approach, But the foundation of what I speak about, fits EVERY BUSINESS in EXISTENCE.

Are One Of These Marketing Problems, Yours?

  • Marketing and Growing your business during the Pandemic has been challenging and stressful.
  • People ALWAYS want a discount.
  • People seem interested, but they are not ready to buy.
  • There’s TOO MUCH competition.
  • You’re Not Getting Enough Website Traffic.
  • You’re Attracting the Wrong Customer.
  • You’re Getting Traffic, But No One’s Buying.

… Or How About These Problems

  • You’re not creating the PERFECT Idea.
  • Too Much Content On Social Media, Can’t Stand Out.
  • You Don’t Have Goals or Timelines.
  • You’re Not Using The Right Marketing Tools or Techniques.
  • The Marketing Experts or their books, Don’t give you a step-by-step system and they are not very clear.
  • You Don’t Have Money For Marketing.
  • The Marketing Books Are Misleading and Confusing.

Here Is The Issue Though…

The New York Times recently stated that the pandemic is killing businesses and business owners are giving up, because they can’t take any more.

Experts are stating that we should expect about 2 years (possible more) of Pandemic living. How can your business sustain the impact of another shut down? Can you carry the self guilt of  not being able to financially care for your family and laying off your employees?

How can you bare another sleepless night, resulting in being snappy with your spouse, children, family members or even your customers/clients?

No incoming business will result in not being able to take care of your overhead and expenses. With no new incoming business, it will be incredibly tough to keep your current customers/clients happy, because you are stressed out.

Being the C.E.O. (Chief Everything Officer) … When one thing goes undone in your business, everything you have created can fall apart. Imagine how your spouse, other family members or friends will look at you and think inside their minds, “I don’t know why (YOUR NAME) thought they could have made that business work. Now (YOUR NAME) looks like a fool”!

There is a Solution to all these business challenges. Click here to learn more.


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