79 Year Old Woman Shares The BIGGEST Secret To Success

November 4, 2020by itscthomas0

There are a few things that living through a pandemic has shown us. 

Even though NO human can accurately predict the future or how things will work out …

There are a few people who are EXCELLING and THRIVING during this pandemic shift!

Excelling in their Health, Relationships, Life, Business and Spirituality.

What we have found to be helpful is going back into recorded history, using either books or sitting down and having a chat with people who are living the life that we are seeking to live…even during a pandemic!

While in Austin, TX for business … I was able to meet and have a very lifting and stimulating conversation with a woman named Mrs. Margie, who to my surprise is 79 years old. You should have seen my face when she told me her age. I would have given her at least 62!

In a moment, I’m going to share with you the BIGGEST Secret that this 79 year old woman shared with me.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “That person always has the advantages” some people may even call it “Good Luck”.

You can have ‘Game Changing’ Advantages TOO!

You put in the effort, work and grind everyday! 

But check this out … all EFFORT is not the same! The productivity and results from only 60 Minutes of focused “Smart Work” can sometimes give you BETTER results than on whole month of “Hard Work”

Let Me Repeat That … Some may not have gotten that …

All EFFORT is not the same! The productivity and results from only 60 Minutes of focused “Smart Work” can sometimes give you BETTER results than a whole month of “Hard Work”.

Having a successful life, family, business or relationship takes balance, patience and testing of what gets the BEST results for you. Everyone is different and for SOME of us … it may take extra work because of some disadvantages they may have. Remember this … some of the disadvantages we have ‘are self inflicted’.

There is NO need to be Jealous or Envy of someone who is EXCELLING!

That just found what works for them, Everyone has to find it!

One primary thing that will ALWAYS give you a SUCCESS Advantage is having an open, forward moving, productive and positive Mindset!

Remember my friend named Mrs. Margie who is 79 years old? 

She shared with me two accelerating success habits that have worked for her:

1- You don’t know, unless you try … and 

2- Don’t have the mindset that “If i knew I would live this long, I would have taken better care of my health”.

Those two, seemingly small things, can turn your life into MIND BLOWING Success!

Most of the information that you will hear me discuss on our website and social media are tailored for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Decision Makers. But it has also proven to be helpful for almost everyone.


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